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The photos on this page are from surveilance videos. These videos were handed to the media by the Assistant District attorney. They are from the files of the Caddo Sheriff's office. None of the videos indicate any force or restraint by Rick Seaton over KW. KW was at the city jail for over 16 minutes talking to bondsmen and police while Mr. Seaton waited in the car. At Government plaza after the alleged incident she was in the presence of other workers and repairmen and at times over 20 feet away from Mr. Seaton. She appears calm and conversational after the alleged incident.
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KW at City Jail - 8:28-8:51PM
Source: Shreveport Police Department
Arrival at Government Plaza -- 8:53PM
Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff
Above: KW at City Jail for 16 minutes while Mr. Seaton waited in car for her to find out about boyfriend. She was still in the City Jail when she texted about "rape". People around, police around. No restraint or force seen.

Above Right: KW and RS enter the Government Plaza Parking Garage at 8:53PM, three minutes after KW texted about "Rape".

Right side: KW and RS walking in elevator lobby, they had just passed several people. KW seems calm, texting on her phone, no restraint. This is at 9:28PM after consensual sex took place.
RS & KW walking to ATM Machine -- 9:28PM
Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff
Link to complete video
First Floor Lobby at 9:28PM (after sex) Source: Caddo Sheriff
Link to entire video
Outside Govt. Plaza at ATM (9:29-9:34PM) Source: Caddo Sheriff
Link to entire video

RS & KW go back upstairs after ATM machine
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