This website is dedicated to telling the details of the wrongful conviction
of Rick Seaton, former Assistant Chief Administrative Officer of Shreveport, LA
This case is currently on appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court.
Rick Seaton is a father of three brilliant and beautiful children. Rick is the former Assistant Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Shreveport.
On December 27, 2010, he had consensual sex with an 18 year old young woman, who accused him of rape. On January 4, 2011, Rick was arrested on the charge of forcible rape. On January 20, 2012, Rick was found guilty during a bench trial by Judge Romona Emanuel, even though there was evidence showing his accuser was lying and there was no evidence to disprove Rick's account of the events.
Both Rick and his accuser agreed that sex occured in the Mayor's private office within Government Plaza. His accuser, KW, alleged "rape" at least four times before she entered the Mayor's private office. She testified in court that she sent a text message to her boyfriend's phone at 8:50 PM stating "Tell the Police that officer John rape me. Baby, plz, I'll do anything for you but I can't fXXX this man no more." (Note: the actual word was used but the decision was made not to use it on this website)
State's evidence confirms that this text message was sent at 8:50PM, state's evidence also confirms by two separate video sources that at 8:50PM Rick and KW were not yet at Government Plaza.
"...Baby, plz, I'll do anything for you..." What is it that KW is ready to do for her boyfriend? Was she going to have sex with Rick to help her boyfriend?
It appears that her motive may have been to gain leverage against the city to get her boyfriend out of jail without letting her mom know he had been arrested.
Rick was falsely accused, wrongfully convicted. He is now serving time in David Wade Correctional Center in Homer, Louisiana and his case is pending appeal.
Statement from Rick Seaton
I cheated on my marriage and that was wrong. For that I apologized in Divorce Court. I had sex with KW who I had just met and that was wrong. For that I have apologized in Court. I had sex in the workplace and that was wrong. For that I have apologized to Mayor Glover.

I know that I made foolish decisions, but I did not violate the laws of the State of Louisiana.

Foolish but not guilty.
  • KW had two cell phones with her that evening.
  • KW never tried to call 911.
  • KW had a pocket knife with her that evening.
  • KW testified that she used two different bathrooms in Government Plaza that evening, each equipped with a dead-bolt lock.
  • KW had no bruises, marks or any evidence of force.
  • There was no indication of forced sex, only recent sexual activity. KW also testified that she had sex with her boyfriend that day.
  • There was no evidence of blood on condom or on scene, whether menstrual or otherwise.
  • There was no evidence of force or trauma on any video. (22 videos in Government Plaza plus one 30 minute video at City Jail)
  • KW testified that she called the jail to get the Bond Amount. This call was made after sex and after going outside to the ATM. This means that she spoke to a Shreveport Police Officer from Rick's office after sex.
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It is not the intent of this website to offer any legal advice or opinion. In compliance with the court order, this website does not disclose the full identity of the accuser. The accuser is identified herein as "KW", even though her full name was used in open court. Most of the evidence contained in this website is a matter of public record. Much of this evidence, including video and photographs, was handed directly to the media by the state in the courtroom.
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