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Rick Seaton grew up in Missouri and moved to Shreveport in 1985 to attend Centenary College. He obtained a degree there and began to work in the restaurant business. He became owner of several restaurants along Kings Highway in Shreveport, but began exiting that business in the late Nineties after his children were being born. He was involved in several other business ventures until 2006 when Cedric Glover was elected Mayor of Shreveport. He then was appointed as one of the Mayor’s top administrative assistants. He has always been committed to the betterment of the city.
He served on the Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission and as a member of the Caddo Parish School Board. His service to the community continued when he went to work for the Mayor.
Following are excerpts of letters of support received by Rick for presentation to the Judge.

“I have known Rick Seaton from the time he bagan working in the Mayor’s office and have always found him to be an asset to the office as well as our city. He was extremely helpful whenever asked to be and always knowledgeable about whatever was asked.”

This work did not interfere with his relationship with his children, as noted below:

“I am aware that Rick is very involved in the lives of his children. I know that he attends their ballgames and school functions. There were several times when I called Rick to meet for breakfast and he had to arrange our meeting time based on taking his children to school. Rick’s children are young and need their father. I would ask that you please consider the lives of these children as you deliberate the sentence you will impose on Rick.”

“I observed Rick with his children and noted that he was a devoted father to them. He talked often about their education and wanted them to be in the best schools suited to their needs. He attended their programs, teacher conferences, and other extracurricular activities. He made sure he was at their sporting events to offer encouragement and support. I saw him and his children often around city festivals and the like. He is an attentive and loving father.”

“Since Rick has been convicted my only hope and prayer for him, is that the judge can know him at least as a father who only wants to take care of his children. As soon as Rick was bailed out a year ago he went out and got a job the next day and has been working until the trial, so he could continue his child support. He has never had anything handed to him on a silver platter and knows how to work hard and get his hands dirty.”

“Over the years we have crossed paths and I see how he has evolved as a person, not only as a business person but as a father. He is a wonderful dad. His children are the loves of his life. Rick is proud of his children. Since Rick has been living down the street from my family, we have reestablished a relationship and our families have grown to know each other.”
{Several persons wrote about Rick's character and how this matter constituted aberrant behavior on his part}

"When I first heard of Rick's arrest, I was shocked and my immediate reaction was to think there must be some horrible mistake. Indeed, I believe some terrible mistakes were most likely made on that night, and I do not profess to know or understand the circumstances behind what occurred. I only know that Rick has always treated me and others with respect and professionalism and he has certainly never been thought of by those who know him as a threat or danger to the community. I am sad for Rick and family and hope this letter of support in some way helps to provide a deeper understanding of the person that he is."

* * *

" look at the totality of Rick's life as he has certainly done a great deal of good. Please consider the good he has done as you pass judgment. I definitely do not believe Rick to pose a danger to the community, in fact, I have seen nothing but humility in Rick since this tragedy unfolded."

* * *

" prayer is that you are able to recognize his actions as a short term lapse in judgment. I urge you to look favorably upon his past accomplishments and allow him to return as soon as possible to a fully productive life where he can be reunited with his children and those of us who love him."

* * *

"Though it is obvious that Rick made some very, very poor and seriously damaging decisions; I know for a fact that Rick is a very kind, honest, family loving person that messed up very badly. My wife and I have known Rick for over 10 years, we have had business dealings with Rick, personal dealings with Rick and our children have gone to the same school as his. I have been exposed to Rick in personal and business environments and have seen nothing but good qualities portrayed by him in all circumstances--except for the most recent."

* * *

"I have had the priviledge of knowing Rick for the past 13 years or more, on both a professional and personal level. I have never, in any situation with Rick, ever witnessed any inappropriate behavior or ever heard any derogatory thing or anything that could even be considered suggestive come from him. I have always found Rick to be a very respectful, caring and generous individual who cares deeply for his children, his friends and the community in which he lives."
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