Timeline of events -- Dec. 27, 2010
This timeline is verified by over 20 surveilance videos
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Brief summary of events to explain the timeline below

Rick Seaton was accused of rape by KW on December 27, 2010. This timeline lists events that took place during and after the Independence Bowl football game in Shreveport, Louisiana. Rick was Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the City of Shreveport and worked for Mayor Cedric Glover. Rick was monitoring shuttle transportation for visitors to the game since there were numerous complaints the previous year.

Shreveport Police officers noticed KW and her boy friend David Barnhill arguing loudly near the busses. David Barnhill did not cooperate with the police and was arrested for Public Drunkenness. Both SPD Sgt Grant and Rick strongly encouraged KW to go back to her hotel. Rick arranged to have one of the busses make a special trip to take KW to SAMs Town Hotel. KW was placed on three different buses, but did not depart on a bus. KW insisted that she be taken to city jail. KW asked Rick for a ride. He agreed.

After David Barnhill was arrested, his cell phone, pocket knife and other personal items were given to KW. David Barnhill was placed in officer Brazil's patrol car which was equipped with video and audio. After repeated requests, the District Attorney failed to provide video from this patrol car.

Rick drove KW to city jail to allow her to find out information about bonding. Rick then drove KW to Government Plaza for her to use the ATM and a land-line phone, as requested by KW. KW testified that she used two separate restrooms, both equipped with deadbolt locks. She had two cell phones and a knife with her. On the last restroom visit, she also had Rick's access badge. KW testified that she knew this access badge opened every door in the building. KW never attempted to call 911 or make any calls from her cell phones. KW was left alone in the office on more than occasion. KW testified that she was left alone.

KW reported being raped, unbeknownst to Rick, BEFORE sex ever occurred. There was no physical evidence of blood in the office or on the condom. There is absolutely no physical evidence that contradicts Ricks story! KW's testimony contradicts itself and conflicts with physical evidence on multiple occasions.

The sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) testified that evidence did NOT indicate forced sex, and that there was only evidence of recent sexual activity. Rick agreed that they had sex, but that it was consensual. There was no evidence of a disturbance. There were no bites, scratches, bruises or marks of any kind. KW testified that she had her belly button pierced a few days before this incident and stated that it was red and slightly swollen, but not bleeding.

There is no physical evidence that contradicts Ricks testimony. KW's testimony contradicts itself and physical evidence. All videos and texts messages were provided through the District Attorney as States Evidence. Please review the videos, text messages and timeline, and see for yourself.


KW = Rick Seaton's accuser

Ms Barnes = KW's mother (Kimberly Krabe Barnes)

David Barnhill = KW's boyfriend who was arrested at the Independence Bowl football game. Drunk, disorderly, and resisting police officer

SPD = Shreveport Police Department

Sergeant Grant= A Police sargeant who argued with KW, trying to get her to stop begging to be taken to the jail. KW repeatedly begged both Sgt Grant and Rick to take her to the jail where her boyfriend David Barnhill, was being booked. They asked her to go back to her hotel, and wait at least two hours, and then call the jail (phone number given to her) about bond. Thus, giving them time to book him.

During the trial, Sgt. Grant said that he would explain to KW what she should do and she would turn around, and ask again, the same question..."Can you take me to the jail where David is?" He began to wonder if there wasn't "something wrong" with her, the way she repeatedly asked to be taken to the jail, after he and Rick repeatedly told her to go to her hotel.


December 27th, 2010

7:56pm: KW in A-1 Charter shuttle, see video.

8:00pm: KW and Rick depart Greenwood Road on golf cart through Fairgrounds

8:07pm: KW to Ms. Barnes; “I know go back to the casino . were dealing with the people that sat behind us” Note: This text was sent while KW was riding in golf cart with Rick on fairgrounds. This is clearly a lie.

8:15pm: KW to Ms Barnes “Mom did u tell the people behind you that we should deal with police bcuz they found me” Note: This text was sent while KW was in the car with Rick, on the way to the city jail.

Estimated time: Rick calls SPD officer Goodin: While KW was still in the car; Rick calls SPD Officer Goodin to ask a question for her about bonding process. Note: SPD and City failed to release Rick’s work cell phone records and texts during the evening, even after repeated requests by his lawyers!

8:32pm: KW enters City Jail, flashing smile at Rick, through window (see video).

8:32pm-8:48pm KW speaks with Jonathan Long of Louisiana Bail Bonds (see video and video).

Note: KW tries for several minutes to get Jonathan Long to bond out her boyfriend. It is only after he tells KW that he cannot help her, that she tells him, "The guy waiting for me in the white car is going to rape me." Johnathan Long immediately notified an SPD officer that KW needed assistance. KW had opportunity to speak with an SPD officer, but failed to do so.

8:44pm: Ms. Barnes sends text to KW: “We have been waiting on you…where r u...”

8:48pm: Rick enters City Jail (see video)

8:48pm: Ms. Barnes sends text to KW: “Katelin now all you’re being so disrespectful we all have to pee dad is very upset u”

8:50pm: KW sent text to David Barnhill’s cell phone: “Tell the police that officer john rape me baby plz I’ll do anything for u but I can’t fuck this man no more”. Note: This text indicates that KW is having sex FOR her boyfriend. However, this is at least 15 min before KW and Rick have sex. This text was sent from city jail lobby. KW had just finished talking to "John" Long.

8:51pm: Ms Barnes sends text to KW: “Where r u”

8:51pm: KW drafts an unsent text to Mr Barnes: “Go to”

8:51pm: KW drafts an unsent text to David Barnhill’s phone: “The people at the”

8:53pm: Entered Parking Garage – (see video)

Note : Government Plaza is only 1.1 miles from City Jail, with little to no traffic at that time of night.

8:54pm: Entered stairwell from Basement Parking Garage (see video)

8:55pm: KW to Ms Barnes: “The cop rape me”

8:55pm: Entered 2nd floor from Stairwell Note: There is video surveillance only on the first floor and basement of Government Plaza. Doors in Government Plaza are controlled by a system that requires an access badge to enter a door and records the time of opening.

(KW in office using phone, calling bondsmen and SPD Jail)

(KW used bathroom off hallway)

9:03pm: KW using David Barnhill’s phone, sent text to Mr Barnes: “Mom ny5 fone die im at mayor offic2e downtoen officer seaton helpppp”

9:04pm: KW and Rick entered Mayor’s Private Office. Door was left open until at least 9:20 pm. Note: KW alleged "rape" at least four times before entering Mayor's Private Office.

(Sex occurred)

9:09pm: Ms Barnes sends text to KW: “Where r u we are driving to gate 4 to pick u up”

9:10pm: Ms Barnes sends text to KW: “Come out now”

9:10pm: Ms Kim Barnes sends text to KW: “We can’t get to the gate call me”

9:11pm: Ms Kim Barnes sends text to KW: “We are not leaving you” The Estimated time: (Kimberly Barnes calls police).

9:16pm: Mrs. Barnes sends text to KW: “What call me now”

9:17pm: Police dispatch call to SAMs Town to meet Ms Barnes

9:18pm: Mrs. Barnes sends text to KW: “Ti am coming now where r u”

9:28pm: KW and Rick exit stairwell (see video and video), enter lobby (see video).

Note: This is after sex in Mayor’s office. KW and Rick pass five workmen in lobby who all testified that they saw NO sign of distress. KW is smiling and using one of her two phones.

9:28pm: Using David Barnhill’s phone, KW sent text to Ms Barnes: “mom his names rick seston” Note: KW testified that she sent this text while walking through Government Plaza.

9:29 - 9:33pm: KW used ATM in front of Government Plaza, Rick waiting (see video).

Note: The bank failed to provide ATM video, while KW was using it. She was there a long time, and the video would have shown her demeanor (having just had sex with Rick). Four AC workmen were loading their trucks at the curb near the ATM.

9:34pm: KW and Rick entered front door of Government Plaza, after KW got cash from ATM (see video).

9:34pm: KW and Rick entered elevator (going back upstairs to Mayor’s office suite) (see video).

Note: KW is walking up to 20ft behind Rick, as Rick is holding the elevator door for KW. (see video).

9:34pm: KW and Rick entered Hallway by Mayor’s Office. Note: KW and Rick return to Ricks office to use phone, including a call to an SPD officer at City Jail. There is no mention of rape on these phone calls. KW was left alone in Ricks office for several minutes while she was making calls.

9:35pm: KW and Rick entered Mayor’s Private Office, open until at least 9:46pm.

9:50pm: KW and Rick departed Government Plaza (see video and video).

9:53pm: Rick dropped KW off at Sam’s Town Casino Hotel (see video).

Note: KW and Rick kissed, as valet walked up to the car. KW exited the vehicle and entered the casino entrance instead of the hotel entrance where she was staying.

9:55pm: KW enters bar at Sam’s Town Casino instead of going to room (see video).

Note: THIS video link is poor, and shows KW at the bar, but behind a pillar. There HAD to be a better video covering the bartender, those seated at the bar and the view behind the bar (for hotel security) showing exactly what KW was doing! After repeated requests, this video was never submitted by District attorney for trial.

9:56pm: Ms. Barnes sends text to KW: “Call me now”

9:58pm: Rick returns to Government Plaza, entering parking garage at Government Plaza in city car. His van is parked there (see video, video and video).

9:58pm: Ms. Barnes sends text to KW: “I have the number of the police..if you can text me then why can’t you call or tell me where u r” Note: That is a good point Ms Barnes-- KW was in bar at Sam's Town when this text was sent!

10:00pm: Rick enters basement lobby at Government Plaza (see video).

10:00pm: KW leaves bar at Sam’s Town Casino (see video)

10:01pm: KW makes contact with SPD in hotel lobby. (see video)

10:02pm: Rick accessed elevator to 5th floor office (see video).

10:03pm: Accessed garage elevator (to go back down) (see video, video and video).

28 Dec at 9:42am KW sent text to Kristie Krabe (relative) “I’m fine though”

Some conclusions to be made from the timeline of facts, and video surveillance:

This means that KW sent the text stating: “…can’t fuck this man no more”, BEFORE even arriving at Government Plaza, and well before sex occurred.

This means that they were still in the Mayor’s Private Office when KW’s mother, Kimberly Barnes, called in the complaint to SPD.This means that KW spoke with a Shreveport Police Officer, using Rick’s office phone, AFTER sex occurred and after her mother called in the complaint. KW made no allegation of rape during that call.

This means that KW spoke with several representatives from bond companies AFTER sex occurred. KW was alone in Ricks office for several of these phone calls.

This means that KW passed, in the lobby of Government Plaza, Lee Theolonius, Caddo Parish employee, AFTER sex occurred. Mr. Theolonius testified that there was no sign of distress.

This means that KW passed, at the front door of Government Plaza, four employees from Red River Air Conditioning AFTER sex occurred. All four testified that there was no sign of distress.

This means that Rick did not go back to the 2nd Floor offices of Government Plaza after he dropped KW off at Sam’s Town Casino, but went to his fifth floor office.

This means that Rick returned back to Government Plaza, after he dropped her off, to get documents from his fifth floor office. He spent a total of 2 minutes and 40 seconds from Garage Elevator to fifth floor back to Garage Elevator.

This means that KW went to the BAR for 7 minutes at Sam’s Town before making contact with SPD and her mother, Kimberly Barnes.

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